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Home Overview Affinity v2 Universal License
Affinity v2 Universal License
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Affinity v2 Universal License截图 Affinity v2 Universal License截图 Affinity v2 Universal License截图 Affinity v2 Universal License截图 Affinity v2 Universal License截图 Affinity v2 Universal License截图 Affinity v2 Universal License截图
Affinity v2 Universal License
The Affinity v2 Universal License is available for macOS, Windows, and iPadOS. Simply purchase an affordable bundle to get the 2nd edition of Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, and Affinity Publisher on all operating systems, including iPad.
Universal License
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Affinity v2 Universal License

Affinity v2 Universal License

Universal License
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Next generation Affinity products

After unremitting efforts and witnessing how we have broken through the development possibilities of creative technology, we are honored to announce that the second edition of Affinity products is now available.

Since its launch, Affinity has gained the trust of millions of professional users worldwide and has won some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, setting new standards for creative software in terms of quality and value. Now, it's time to launch a new and feature rich version of the application.

The second version of the application features hundreds of time saving improvements and a completely redesigned UI that can optimize your workflow, heralding the arrival of a new era of creativity.

Introduction to General License

Experience the powerful features of the 2nd edition Affinity application with a universal license. You only need to pay a one-time discount fee to receive the full Affinity suite (including Publisher iPad version!) on all devices, including macOS, Windows, and iPadOS.

This is a very simple way to work and purchase, which not only helps you save time and money, but also allows you to freely create anywhere, on any application or platform.

Covering all applications. Supports various platforms.

No subscription required.

  • Affinity Designer 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Designer 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Designer 2 | iPadOS

  • Affinity Photo 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Photo 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Photo 2 | iPadOS

  • Affinity Publisher 2 | macOS
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | Windows
  • Affinity Publisher 2 | iPadOS
Affinity v2 Universal License LOGO

Official website:https://affinity.serif.com/zh-cn/

Download Center:https://affinity-universal.apsgo.cn

Backup Download:N/A

Delivery time:24-hour automatic shipping

Operating platform:Windows 10 or above (including Microsoft Store), macOS, iPadOS

Interface language:Supports Chinese interface display, with multiple languages available.

Update instructions:This version is lifetime valid and supports small version updates and upgrades (v2. x).

Pre purchase trial:Free version with limited functionality before purchase.

How to receive the goods:After purchase, the activation information will be sent to the email address at the time of placing the order, and the corresponding product activation code can be viewed in the personal center, My Orders.

Number of devices:Can be activated and used on all of one's own computers, limited to personal use only.

Replacing the computer:Uninstall the original computer and activate the new computer.

Activation guidance:https://store.serif.com/zh-cn/redeem/

Special instructions:To be added.

Reference materials:https://store.serif.com/zh-cn/help/

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